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What’s some good halloween costume ideas!?

What’s some good music to download?

What’s some good halloween costume ideas!?

Which drink do you think Alexa would like to have when going out?

She loves Makers Mark x

Could you post some pics of Alexa wearing Birkenstocks? thanks xx xx

Can you post pictures of Alexa wearing Supergas? Please? Xx

What would Alexa wear on a date? 🌸

VERRRY good question!

TBH, I think she would go quite casually, with maybe a red lipstick.. nothing that looks too put-together.. here’s some ideas depending on what situation it is, dinner, coffee, summer, winter.. etc hope this helps xx


where are alexa's sunglasses from?

Which ones? This question is too broad

Could you please make a post of Alexa wearing turtlenecks?


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